trips and instruction on the waters of Utah and Kentucky.





The majestic Wasatch Mountains provide the backdrop for Salt Lake Valley. Out of those beautiful mountains flows beautiful, trout rich mountain streams – right into the valley’s cities and towns. If you find yourself passing through Salt Lake City without much time to spare, don’t worry. Chances are there’s a trout or two waiting minutes from your hotel door. Call us up, and we’ll introduce you to a few.



Ask about fly fishing in Utah, and you’ll likely get the same list of famous Blue Ribbon waters every time. The rest is never mentioned.

More fishing for us!

Our favorite Utah fly fishing guidebook is 563 pages long. That’s a lot of trout water. A lot of pristine, beautiful trout water that doesn’t get much traffic. Some might take a little extra effort to access. Some might be too difficult to fish without tenkara. But for those who seek it out, excellent fishing awaits.

Whether you’re looking for tailwater, freestone mountain streams, or alpine lakes, we’ll take you off the beaten path to some of our favorite spots.



Want to fly fish Utah’s famous waters?

The Provo and the Weber rivers are the most well known. And for good reason. Part of Utah’s Blue Ribbon Fisheries program, the Provo and Weber offer great fishing in beautiful settings all year long – winter midges, spring and fall Blue Winged Olives, summer terrestrials and caddis, drake hatches and more. Add in the multitude of other Blue Ribbon waters and you quickly realize why Utah is world renowned for its fisheries.

And, it’s all a short drive from Salt Lake City.

Let us show you all the techniques we use with tenkara to find fish on Utah’s famous waters.



There are few places in the world that offer a better backcountry experience than Utah. The Wasatch and Uinta mountain ranges boast mile after mile of hidden trails accessing snow-capped cirques, pristine alpine lakes and gin clear mountain streams. And at 3oz per rod, nothing pairs better with backpacking than Tenkara.

At Tenkara Guides, we individually design each of our backcountry trips to ensure a safe and purely unfogettable experience. With any luck, there’ll be a fish dinner in there, too.

Since each trip is unique, there’s no set price. Contact us to customize your trip and get a quote.



Kentucky Tenkara Rainbow Trout .jpg

The Bluegrass State boasts more navigable water than nearly every state in the U.S. The same limestone bedrock that is the heart of Kentucky bourbon and horse country creates some fantastic freshwater fishing. Chase trophy trout up to 30 inches, hone your tenkara skills on mountain streams, learn hybrid fixed line fly fishing techniques that will push your catch rate to the next level, and more. Kentucky provides the opportunity. Let Tenkara Guides provide the experience.  Offering guided fly fishing trips on Hatchery Creek, Trammel Creek, Indian Creek, and other waters throughout the state. 



To book a trip, contact us, and we’ll customize a trip that’s perfect for you.