ERiK Ostrander

ERiK began using Western fly fishing techniques for trout, but fell in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of tenkara. ERiK is a guide who enjoys exploring new rivers and applying fly fishing techniques from around the world to tenkara and the waters of Utah.  Passion for fishing, guiding, and teaching tenkara defines ERiK.

“He was excellent in his guide persona; it was like fishing with a good friend.”

JOhn Vetterli

John grew up in the high mountains of Park City, Utah and has been fly fishing the mountain streams of Utah since early childhood. He has been developing a new form of fishing he calls “Urban Fly Fishing”. There are waterways in almost every urban environment that hold healthy thriving fish. John is using Tenkara techniques to discover unknown fisheries in the most unlikely places. He believes you can fly fish in almost any city in North America a few minutes travel from where you live or work and tenkara is the perfect tool.

Rob Worthing Tenkara Fly Fishing.jpg

Rob Worthing

Rob has had a fishing rod in hand for over 20 years. An avid angler, world traveler, backpacker, and wilderness medical professional, he enjoys going off the beaten path to find the best fly fishing possible. He is passionate about fishing tenkara in remote mountain streams. In addition, Rob takes great pride in combining techniques learned while fishing six continents and four oceans to create hybrid fixed line fly fishing styles that simply catch fish.